Disability Insurance

We have a plan to suit the needs of POSTAL WORKERS – CAREER OR NON-CAREER

!!!!!!!!!!OPEN SEASON ENDS DECEMBER 31, 2022

We listened to YOU and developed a plan –   TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

  • Pays 100% whether injured on or off the job after 14 days.
  • You can file workers comp. and it still pays 100%
  • Not penalized if you use sick or annual leave.
  • Filing a claim – ONLY YOU and YOUR DOCTOR complete the forms.
  • No signatures or approvals from your employer or supervisors
  • After 90 days on claim, the company waives premium payments
  • Claim payments you receive are TAX FREE
  • Available from ages 18 to 69
  • Guaranteed to issue regardless of past medical history

Must be paid by Postal Service for the past 90 days.


Minimum benefit $1000.00 up to $2,000.00 per month if YOU HAVE pre-existing medical conditions and up to $3,000.00 per month with IF YOU HAVE NO pre-medical conditions prior to issuance.


All pre-existing medical issues covered after 12 months from issue.  All other medical issues covered effective date of policy.


Maternity has a 9 month waiting period.


Bi-weekly payroll deduction for easy payment.


Rates are extremely competitive as low as $31.52 biweekly.  Rates are based on age, your gross annual salary and the benefit you want to receive.  




Call today to go over rates.  WE CAN enroll YOU right over the phone CALL RICK POWER 469-223-5553.


If you already have a Disability Insurance plan, call us for a FREE review of that plan.