Civil Service Retirement System

Civil Service Retirement System
CSRS Retire1 – CSRS Retire5 offset very rare


You are part of the Civil Service Retirement System:

If You Were Originally Hired Before 1984 – unless you elected to change to FERS

If you Leave Service and are Rehired after 12-31-1983

If you Are Eligible to Reenter CSRS

If you have at least Five Years of service eligible for credit under CSRS


If you return to Service after being gone for over One Year – You will be part of CSRS- Offset(Retire5) and start paying into Social Security

Upon Retirement – You will have Same benefit as a CSRS Employee

Once you reach age for Social Security – Your CSRS benefit will be not reduced but the amount you receive from Social Security will be reduced by max of 40% .

Unless you have 20 years plus of good years of service – there is chart from Social Security every year after 20th year the reduction is reduced by 5% per to minimum of 10%.


CSRS – Your Eligibility To RETIRE


Benefits are Payable at:

Age 55 with 30 years of service

At age 60 with 20 years of service

At age 62 with 5 years of service

The amount of your annuity depends primarily upon your ” HIGH 3″ average pay and Length of Service.

“HIGH 3″average pay is the Highest Average Salary pay produced by your Basic Pay Rates during any Three Consecutive Years




Making Provisions for continuing Benefits to Survivors in the event of a Death of the Retiree under CSRS.


If you are Married and elect a Survivor Benefit Annuity when you Retire

Your annuity will automatically computed to provide an annuity to your widow or widower unless you and your spouse state in writing that you do not wish your spouse to receive an annuity upon your death

If you select this option your Monthly Income will be Reduced

Upon your Death – After Retirement

The Survivor will receive an Annuity of 55% of your Monthly Income


CSRS Options – What You Need To Know


You must take this option in order to keep your spouse in Federal Employee Health Plan (FEHP)

You must also have you and your spouse covered by FEHP five years prior to retirement

Note: If your spouse has good health care else where this may not be an issue if you want to get Maximum Annuity

CSRS employees who want Health Coverage for their spouse and get the largest pension check possible, should elect a $3,600.00 Annual Survivor Benefit.

This election will allow spouse to access Health Coverage. This cost will only reduces the employee’s pension check by $90.00 per year. With this $3,600 annual benefit should be enough to cover the spouse health care and she doesn’t have to worry about paying for directly because the premiums will come out of their Survivor Benefit automatically .




CSRS Employees Do Not Pay into Social Security.

Those employees who have earned their 40 quarters of Social Security Credits prior to federal service could earn a Social Security Check on top of their Pension Check

However because the Wind-Fall Elimination Provision their Social Security will be Cut into Half

Even if all Quarters are not met and for example you have 37 quarters and you get 3 additional credits by working elsewhere after retirement you will only get a maximum of 50%