Disability Retirement Facts


CSRS – You must have 5 years of service

Disability Retirement Computation

You are entitled to an “earned” annuity computed under the CSRS general formula. However, the law guarantees a minimum annuity to employees who retire because of disability. The guaranteed minimum applies if you are under age 60 when you retire and your earned annuity based on your actual service is less than this minimum.

The guaranteed minimum is the lesser of the following:

  • 40 percent of your “high-3 average salary”, or
  • The regular annuity obtained after increasing your service by the time between your retirement and your 60th birthday.

FERS – after 18 months of service regardless of off job injury or sickness- long term disability.

This pays 60% of salary first year minus 100% Social Security.

2nd year 40% of salary minus 60% of Social Security.

What if I’m Recieving OWCP/DOL Payments?

  • Must the injury or illness be incurred on duty? No.
  • If it is incurred on the job, you could have a choice between annuity under FERS/CSRS or benefits from Department of Labor’s office of Workers’ Compensation Programs.

You may choose whichever is to your advantage. With dependents 75% – Single 66% – tax-free !!

This often the most confusing misunderstood and Gary has helped thousands of employees understand this. He can explain to how it works and we have doctors and friends that assist you in this process.