Team EZFed


Who are we? The people who will provide you with the knowledge you need to make educated decisions for your future! 

EZFed consists of a highly diverse group of people who have a variety of expertise that can benefit you!  For instance: Doctors with proven track records who advocate for their patient advocates; Lawyers who focus on personal injury law and employment law;  Insurance Advisors who focus on client needs- so much so that they represent a variety of insurance companies so they can find the best fit for you — not just the most lucrative for them! Additionally we have a DOL/OWCP representative that can and will be delighted to help you!


Please do not hesitate to email any of us directly or contact the office 972-263-0043. We’re here to help and can’t wait to start working towards a better future for YOU!



Gary Graham, President of Graham and Associates and Founder of EZFED.COM
Gary is a member of NALC Branch 132. He is a US Navy Veteran. Gary started his career over 30 years ago, helping his military, federal, postal service employees understand their benefits. He wanted everyone to be aware of the insurance and retirement options available to them.  He gives his time FREELY to educate, assist  and direct. Gary has 2 missions – first: make sure every person is getting ALL that they are entitled to and secondly: Secure relationships with insurance companies to make sure that you have access to the best and most affordable products on the market.  Some of his mottos:  ” Life Sucks without a Paycheck, ” Knowledge is Power” “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Direct Contact Info:


Debra Power, Administrative Assistant for EZFed Team
Debra is an auxiliary member of APWU. Customer service is her focus. She is the person you call to let her know what you need.  She will help you get it or get you to the right person to make sure you get helped.  She has been in the insurance and technology industry for 30 plus years. She’s often the first point of contact and is always delighted to help people start this journey!

  Direct Contact Info: 972-263-0043 •


Rick Power, Financial and Insurance Advisor
Rick is an auxiliary member of APWU.  For over 26 years, Rick has focused on the financial and insurance products that are available.  He is an independent agent that represents many different financial institutions and insurance companies. Therefore, he can provide the products that are best for his clients. He wants to review what you currently have, discuss your concerns and then develop your options for you to consider. His loyalty is to his clients and their present and future financial and insurance needs. “Secured, safe, guaranteed” is his motto.

Direct Contact Info: 469-223-5553 •


Charles Westmoreland, DOL certified OWCP Representative
Charles is a member of NALC Branch 132, on the job since 1988.  He has helped hundreds of Postal employees that have been hurt on the job by telling them what to do, what forms are required and which doctors take DOL.  He gives his time freely to help others navigate through the approval or denial process.  Having much success in reversing many denied cases by simply helping get the right forms with complete information into the right hands, he has become a voice of reason to the DOL to have them take a “second look” or to expedite paperwork that has been long overlooked.

Direct Contact Info: Call Debra 972-263-0043