Who, What, Why


We are an independent Insurance agency that represents many different insurance companies.  As a result, we can offer to our clients the BEST PRODUCTS, AT THE PRICE THE CLIENT CAN AFFORD. For every insurance product that we offer, we can show our clients a variety of options.  The insurance agents collectively have over 100 years in the business of offering insurance products to the public.  Agents have been through background checks both financial and personal.  Every agent has been screened and approved by Gary Graham.  All insurance products have been PERSONALLY approved by Gary Graham. If you know Gary he hates when everybody thinks we are the same. We are Uniquely different and our situations are different and our dreams and goals are uniquely different. Gary wants you to get what you want, not what an insurance company tells you to buy. We believe that if you need a burial policy and that’s all you need then so be it. If you need a 100,000 policy let’s find the best for you without loops holes. Simply get what you pay for that is our motto.



We focus ONLY on solving the problems, concerns, needs and desires of Postal and Federal Employees and their families.



Our mission in life is very simple go out and find the best benefits and products for our customers!  It is not about us…IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!


Total Income protection is a concept created by Gary!!!!


Gary has relationships he has built over many years with other individuals that have the willingness to help and understand and service postal and federal employees. These people know our situations are very unique. He knows Doctors and clinics that handle federal department labor cases and accept new patients and can do all your paperwork for you Free of charge. If you have someone charging you to do your paperwork  – this is extremely wrong, also it can be illegal.   We have attorneys that understand Federal labor law. Please look under our links for folks we recommend. we aren’t paid by these people. It is simply good people helping good people it isn’t politics – it is good old fashion help and recommendations. Gary just knows these people and they do the job to take care of his friends.


Gary has one mind set live, die or become disabled we are taking care of YOU!!!   Why shouldn’t we have the best advisors, insurance agents, doctors and attorney’s a phone call away! We should demand the best and receive the best.


Ezfed/Graham and Associates are not attorneys or doctors and we will advise you of that. If you use our friends as attorney’s or doctors it is by your choice they are licensed in their professions and they can handle your legal or medical issues period. Please follow their advice they have your best interest at heart.