Services Offered




Individual Retirement Appointments  – 1 hour consultations every week in 3 locations in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.


Group Retirement Seminars – 2 to 3 hour seminars once a month at different Union Halls as requested by the Union Presidents.  Informative, Question/Answer time allowed, sample retirement booklet provided to all those that register. Gary has been known to do someone’s retirement booklet on the spot and explains how he does them. You must reserve your “spot” by calling the office 972-263-0043.


Union member appreciation celebrations – twice a year. Food and Fun provided by EZFED team. Come out and meet the people on our team personally. Reservations are necessary so that we can plan, so that no one leaves hungry or thirsty. Call the office 972-263-0043 or you can send an email to


Food drive sponsorship once a year participation in securing the sponsorships necessary for the bags for the FOOD DRIVE – see Gallery for pictures!!! This is one of Gary’s favorite events – to help on the Letter Carrier’s annual food drive.


Individual Review and Solution appointments


Graham & Associates sell specialized disability income insurance, critical illness, cancer insurance, term and permanent life insurance and retirement enhancing plans such as Tax-Free Roth IRA’S and Fixed Indexed Annuities.

We work for the customer, not the companies, to continue to find the very best products to fit the needs of our clients. In today’s every changing world our insurance programs must be reviewed a lot more than they used toGood plans and products will produce Good results for our clients!! 


Life Insurance – the right product to do what you want it to do. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want a savings plan that I can withdraw from prior to death;
  • Do I just want enough money for my family to bury me without financial hardship for them;
  • At my death, do I want to leave some money for kids and grandchildren;
  • Do I want to leave a legacy benefit to my favorite charity?
  • YOUR FEGLI insurance that you may be paying for by payroll biweekly – DOES NOT HAVE A LOCKED IN PRICE and the death benefit goes down every year after you turn age 66 or rates continue to get higher.   REMEMBER  LIFE INSURANCE IS FOR THE LIVING and THOSE THAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND.

Disability Income Insurance– Protecting the greatest asset in the world  – YOUR PAY CHECK. We know the products that REALLY WILL cover and pay the disabilities that Postal and Federal employees face daily.  All products are not created the same.  We can offer every product on the market, but choose ONLY THE ONES that we know offer payments when a claim occurs.

Remember Gary’s favorite motto” Life Sucks without a Paycheck” I have never been happy when I’m broke and have no income coming in. This is the most overlooked product that ever worker should own. This is bankruptcy prevention pure and simple get one of these policies you will never regret it when disability strikes.


Critical Illness – Lump sum payments for heart attacks, strokes, cancer, major organ transplants, etc.  THINGS THAT MAY HAPPEN, that may not cause death, but affect your quality of life.


Cancer coverage – Cancer cells live in all our bodies.  This is the reality – we all could become a victim of this horrible disease, that affects us and our love ones. Who of us has not known someone that has gotten a diagnosis of cancer!!!  Here are the facts:

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer!

Average debt from medical bills after one year of treatment is $26,800!

Cancer patients are 2.5 times more like to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer.

Resources: 2016 Cancer facts & figures and 2014 cancer treatment and survivorship, Facts and figures American association for cancer research. Cancer Progress Report 2015


Retirement planning – We look at ALL of the decisions you have made financially that will give you an income while you are working and when you are not working. A disability could cause you to take Disability Retirement.  Not what you planned, you thought you would work 30 years and then retire. Our review includes a review of your Postal/Federal benefits you have made; your savings and earnings you have set up; your monthly expenses, your payoff plans for mortgage, cars, etc. and  your plans for retirement living.  Retirement planning is a MAJOR FOCUS OF SERVICE FOR US!!!


Some thoughts to share:

Make sure you have at least 6 to 8 months of income in the bank to cover the retirement interim period.

Remember this IS CRITICAL OR YOU CAN FIND YOURSELF BROKE.  Today $2,000 a month sounds great until inflation kicks over the next 10 years and you find your buying power has shrunk because cost of goods are higher.


We tell our clients ask yourself very basic questions,

  • Do I have any debt I need to pay off now?
  • Do I need new vehicle or do need money to repair vehicle I have.
  • What are monthly bills going to be and how much do I need monthly and do I have enough?

2 primary things to remember into retirement about savings!

1- The Accumulation Phase is while you are working hopefully you are saving money.  When you retire you go to a fixed amount monthly, which may or may not allow you to save. Although, many of us may want to work after we retire from the Post Office, the truth is many will not.   So what you have saved must be enough!!

2- Distribution Phase is when we try and convert all those dollars saved into additional monthly income hopefully to last the rest of your lives. Be careful here – a lot of folks retire and think that $100,000 is a lot of money, so they continue their spending habits after retirement and are broke a couple of years into retirement. Bitching about this does not fix the problem broke is broke.


We tell clients,

You must have a common sense approach to money.

Spending habits have to change.

You must continue to save SAFE and GUARANTEED.

Your money must be enough to make sure you have the quality of life you have worked so hard for.

Planning and reviewing your saving and spending decisions must be an annual process because life changes and options change.