Retirement Planning

Gary Graham has personally helped thousands of Postal and Federal employees retire.  He understands the “Blue Book”, the CSRS and FERS issues, the Disability Retirement options, the impact of Social Security, Medicare, Health Benefits on your wallet as you MOVE THROUGH and LIVE AFTER you no longer have a PAY CHECK.


Gary has spent the last 10 years, wadding through all the publications and contradictions of information for getting an employee ALL THAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TO.  He has been an advocate for the rights of those who were given incorrect and incomplete information.  He has developed a Team – the EZFed team to help you through this process.  See all the Services Offered section to see what we do to serve you.


Let Gary help you!!!  He does 1 hour FREE consultations in 3 different locations throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  You just need to get on his schedule for your PERSONAL SITUATION, TO DISCUSS YOUR PERSONAL DESIRES, TO ESTABLISH A PLAN OR TO COMPLETE YOUR BLUE BOOK.


Gary is a Veteran, a member of the NALC Branch 132, a man of his word, and a friend to every Postal and Federal employee   For over 30 years he has personally seen the GOOD, BAD, and UGLY of retirement.   He is not a financial planner, nor an attorney, nor a guy who is out for himself, he is HERE TO HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!  ALL OF IT.


Gary and the EZFed Team services all of the Unions!!!


ASK AROUND IN YOUR STATION, there are very few people that have not met or seen or know of Gary Graham.   


Call the office 972-263-0043 and speak to Debra, to get your FREE 1 hour CONSULTATION.