The company motto “Life Sucks without a Paycheck” I completely agree. For over a year I had no income. A co-worker had gone to a free seminar and gave me a telephone number that changed my life. I met Gary Graham. Gary walked (carried) me though the “Blue Book” so that I could get retirement income. Gary saw that I was overwhelmed with OWCP/DOL, so he introduced me to Charles Westmoreland. Charles has taken my case from denied to review. I thank God for Graham and Associates.
 P. Jones, Rural Carrier, Mansfield 76063



When I met Gary Graham, I felt like I had a chance to win the fight of DOL and all the other stuff I was going through. He helped me in so many ways.  Gary was always available to answer all my questions, regarding Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, even insurance disability when I wasn’t for sure what to do, he had the answers.  He continued to help all vets, non-vets, and federal employees with all retirement questions.  Gary has educated us on what to do and how to do our retirement and other important tools. He has stepped in to do what other people will not do. I have been consulting Gary Graham for over 3 years and it has been a long haul for me and he stuck with me through it all. He inspired me to continue and he will be there to help me no matter what and I will come out the winner in the end. He never gave up on me and he has always been true to me and all the people he has helped. Gary is always in good spirit and cares for others and their needs. He makes sure everyone needs are met. He rarely didn’t have a question he can’t answer.  If something comes up that is new to him he will find out and definitely refer to the right person that he knows and can help you get what you are needing.  No questions are ever un-answered; he is Johnny on the spot. He loves vets, people and what he does for people.  I thank God we have Gary Graham and his extraordinary team. They make sure people are taken care of and educated on what they need to know that the government may not tell you in a retirement class.   Also, he is a very resourceful person and helps with numerous things to assist people including insurance and annuitants.  I don’t know what I would have done without him.

Gary Graham is awesome..

V. West  3/3/17


Back in 2008, I was injured on the job and Gary Graham did an amazing job of walking me through the process of how to apply for my retirement. He is extremely knowledgeable of Federal procedures and very driven when it comes to helping others. Gary has a servant spirit and is willing to help anyone whom crosses his path with no charge. Now it is 7 ½ years later and he is still helping me.

T. Houston 11/2/16


I was injured on the job in 2013.  Gary Graham has been an unbelievable help since having to be out of work.  With all of the daily and weekly trials that come with dealing with the Department of Labor and the process of having to apply for a disability retirement it helps to have someone that knows!  Gary knows!  He made my transition so smooth and really set my mind at ease so many times during the stressful time of worrying how I would be able to support my family in the future.  Thanks to Gary’s help, I am now retired and able to focus on my health and family.” He didn’t charge me a dime.

Brian M.

FMC Carswell in the Federal Bureau of Prisons


Gary helped me thru my working career and retirement I was able to retire with grace and now 4 years later I’m inspired by the true spirit of his giving. We have became great friends and I refer him everyone I know that ask about postal retirement. I tell them my buddy Gary took care of that for me and he will help you.

Calvin Minnitt

Dallas Texas

Retired Letter Carrier from Preston Wood Station